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Welcome to Cafe Schweizer. Our café was established in 1920 in Gamla Stan, Västerlånggatan 9, Stockholm. We have our roots in traditional Swedish “Fika” culture, but we often get inspired by coffee culture worldwide, especially when it comes to cakes and delicious pastries.

At Café Schweizer, you can find delicious sandwiches, desserts, coffee and our famous freshly squeezed juices. We take pride in our unique and quirky way of taking care of our guests, but we also love to take care of the planet and the body. We try to source our ingredients locally, our offering changes with the seasons, and we mostly use organic produce.

When it comes to our seasonal changes, we take our inspiration from the 25 landscapes of Sweden. This means that you often can find unique items on our menu that may be only available for a short time.

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About UsAbout Us

Our History

One of Swedens last “Schweizeri”


The name comes from the term “Schweizeri”, originating from early 1800, meaning a small café that serves alcohol. We know that Café Schweizer has been open since 1920 in the same location as today. The photo of Gamla Stan was taken around the same period.

Tradition & Family


The world and Sweden have changed a lot during the years, and Café Schweizer. Several passionate entrepreneurs have contributed to what the café is today, a Swedish classic with influences from the world. One of the most iconic individuals and contributors to our story is Antonio. He moved to Sweden from the Americas and started working at the café soon after that. Eventually, Antonio took over the business and has had the honour to host royalty, ministers and international stars.

Passion and love

2011 - Present

Today Café Schweizer is one of Stockholms most popular fika places. Enjoy a cinnamon bun, some freshly made tea or enjoy a traditional Swedish smörgåstårta for lunch. Loved by both locals and visitors from around the world, for that, we have Indira to thank. Like Antonio so many years before her, she immigrated to Sweden and started working at the café. After years of hard work and passion, Indira runs the business today. She has combined her love for Sweden with her roots from Bosnia & Herzegovina to create a unique experience.

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